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tea tree oil for fungus

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus Treatment

Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus causes thickness, discoloration, brittle, and crumbly nails. If left untreated, it can quickly spread from nail to nail as well as the surrounding skin. Unfortunately, many do not know they can use tea tree oil for toenail fungus. There are several ways of treating toenail fungus including oral medications which often only prevent the fungus from spreading but do not entirely clear it. Also, most of these medications have side effects ranging from mild to serious.

Therefore, home remedies such as tea tree oil have been turned to by so many. These products cure the fungus, stop the spread, as well as restore a clear and healthy toenail with a minimal or no side effects. These natural products include tea tree oil, lavender oil, and olive oil. These products are rich in antifungal properties that help for the effective treatment of nail fungus. Tea tree oil can be used separately to treat toenail fungus and is also a key ingredient in most over-the-counter products used for toenail fungus treatment.

How to use Tea tree oil for toenail fungus

Tea tree oil is gotten from the Australian tea tree. It is an essential oil loaded with therapeutic benefits. It contains antiseptic and antifungal properties which makes it a viable treatment option for toenail fungus. Generally, consistent use of tea tree oil will deliver the goods for your toenail. Similarly, products that use it as the active ingredient are said to be effective in toenail fungus treatment.

Does tea tree oil work?

This is a frequently asked question. Because toenail fungal infections are usually very troublesome and take a long time to treat with natural products, this question pops up now and then. Research has shown that tea tree oil is effective in the treatment of toenail fungus both on its own and in combination with other products. In some cases, noticeable changes are seeing within two weeks of usage and total cure can happen after about four months of usage without any relapse.

Is Tea tree oil for fungus treatment safe?

Like most natural products, tea tree oil is largely safe for usage especially in the right proportion, and is approved by the FDA. Nevertheless, it could have a stinging effect on the skin around the nail hence the need for proper dilution with carrier oils such as olive oil and sweet almond oil.

Although tea tree oil for toenail fungus works, Tea tree oil is designed for external use and must never be taken internally.

Before using this oil on children, consult a doctor for approval.

Even with proper dilution, tea tree oil could still result in an allergic reaction. Some people could experience skin redness, itching, and inflammation. Hence, it is good to do a skin patch test before use.

Skin patch test for tea tree oil

  • Dilute one or two drops of tea tree oil with about 12 drops of a carrier oil
  • Apply a very thin layer of the diluted oil on a tiny portion of your forearm.
  • If after 24 hours of this application, you do not experience any skin reactions then you are not likely to see any allergic reactions when applied elsewhere.

Cotton application

After dilution with a carrier oil as stated above, use a cotton swab to put a thin layer of the diluted oil on the affected area and leave it to dry. You can also soak a cotton ball in the diluted oil and place it on the infected nail for a few minutes.

Foot soak

Besides the use of cotton for application, you can do foot soak a few times each week. Dilute five drops of tea tree oil with a half-ounce of carrier oil of your choice. Add warm water and then soak your feet in it for about 20 minutes.


  • Ensure your nails are neat and well-trimmed.
  • Remove any dead nails with clean scissors, nail clippers, or a nail file.
  • Always keep infected nail dry as much as possible.
  • Don’t ever use your fingers to apply the diluted tea tree solution to the affected area because toenail fungus spreads really fast. Also, wash your hands very well after each treatment to further lower the risk of a spread.

How long does tea tree oil take to work on toenail fungus??

Toenail fungus usually takes time to heal. The period of healing is directly related to the level of the infection and your body’s response to treatment hence varies from person to person. According to a research done in 2013, tea tree oil helps in decreasing the growth of fungus Trichophyton rubrum in nail infections. Trichophyton rubrum is responsible for many nail infections and is the major fungus leading to athlete’s foot. According to the research, when tea tree oil for toenail fungus treatment produces results within 14 days of consistent use.

How to know toenail fungus has been totally cured

When an entirely new clear and healthy nail has fully grown, then the fungal infection has been completely cured.

Can you apply tea tree oil directly to toenails?

Various researches have proved the effectiveness of tea tree oil for toenail fungus treatment as well as in the treatment of other fungus infections. Tea tree oil is considered safe and can be applied directly to the skin. Tea tree oil is not known to cause any irritation and can be used in it pure form or mixed with almond oil, olive oil or any vegetable oil.

Key things when buying tea tree oil

  • Ensure it is 100 percent pure
  • Go for organic, as much as possible
  • And go for the ones with at least 10 percent terpinen concentration because it is one of its key antifungal and antiseptic components.