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Olive and june nail polish review

Olive & June Nail Polish Review

olive and june nail polish review

Well-polished, smooth, and shining nails are not just for taking beautiful pictures to post on Instagram, they have a significant impact on the impression you make. It is an ample opportunity to flaunt your personality or feeling just the way you want it.

There are just too many nail polish brands that picking the one to use might very difficult even to the best of us. There are several factors to consider; ranging from durability, shine, to the cruelty level. Olive and June Nail polish is one of the very best brands that offer a great combination of all the attributes desired by nail enthusiasts. This is a brand we really trust; we have used their products over and again, all we have for them is love.

Olive And June

Founded about seven years ago, 2013, Olive and June is today one of the most popular and preferred nail salons in L.A. Sarah Gibson’s obsession for manicures gave birth to this brand. The salon aimed to give all women personalized and luxury nail service at an affordable rate. After a while, the brand sees a major gap in the industry; the need for their clients to be able to have a very easy yet great-looking home manicure. Their official website states that “we believe no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, or what you wear, you can have a perfect manicure that makes you feel your best self”.

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In 2019, Olive and June launched their line of nail polishes as a solution to the fundamental problem of having difficulty in easily getting a perfect manicure done at home.

Olive and June Nail Polish Review

Though Olive and June nail polishes are some of the latest products in the nail industry, they are loved and preferred by so many people. The stand-out factor about this line of nail polish is the opportunity it offers nail enthusiasts to easily do their manicure at home and still have an amazing professional look to it.

Olive and June Nail Polish – Perfect Home Manicure Experience

As great as it is to visit a nail salon to get a pro to do your manicure – you are sure there won’t be a mess, you will get exactly what you want or even better, and most importantly a pro’s guide – it is definitely not a very affordable trip. Besides the cost factor, time is another critical deterrent when it comes to visiting a nail salon. Even for the best nail lovers for whom the cost isn’t a problem, the time won’t always be there. Also, circumstances may not allow such as we saw coronavirus lockdown. Therefore, it becomes important to be able to easily do your manicure at home anytime you want to.

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Olive and June’s nail polishes easily come across as the real deal. The rich gloss, the amazing shine, the decent durability, and the cruelty level are all some of the attributes that keep nail lovers stuck to the Olive and June nail polish brand. Above all, being able to easily get a pro-looking manicure done at home with little effort and in a short time is what stands out for most of us that love this brand.

The poppy is the tool that makes this difference regarding home use of Olive and June nail polish. In 15 minutes or less, your nails will look like you just left a salon.

Olive and June Polish Kits and Shades of Nail Polish

Olive and june nail polish review

Olive and June nail polish is often sold on the official website as a part of other manicure items. The three mani kits to pick from are The Treat Yourself Box, The Studio Box, and The Studio Box. Each of this kit contains a number of different things including the Olive and June Nail Polish, Olive & June Topcoat, Nail polish remover, file, nail clipper, the poppy, etc. before placing the order, you get to choose the exact shade or color of nail polish you want to be included in your kit. Some of their products include BEB, CCT, CHM, MM, HZ, AW, RP, CDJ, HD, ECC, Bright & Focused, and many more.

How to use Olive and June Nail Polish

Having attended to thousands of clients in their salon, Olive & June has more than enough experience regarding manicure including the most common mistakes people make. Hence, they advise users to the steps below for a perfect at-home manicure.

  • Get your tools ready
  • Prepare a flat surface and a comfortable position
  • Clean the nails
  • Clip and file the nails
  • Trim hangnails and buff cuticles
  • Then it is time to polish: paint, dry; paint, dry; top coat, dry, dry, dry
  • Finally, apply cuticle serum around the nails.

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How safe is Olive and June Nail Polish?

Olive and June nail polishes are some of the best vegan-based nail polishes in the industry. They are cruelty-free and 7-free. The formula excludes the following harsh chemicals: camphor, xylene, toluene, ethyl tosylamide, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

With Olive and June nail polish, your nails are protected from the harsh effects of most traditional nail polishes hence keeping your nails in the best shape. In addition to the removal of harsh chemicals from the formula, Olive & June nail polishes are also very easy to remove hence you won’t need to get tough chemicals or scrape in order to remove the polish. Also, it won’t stain your nails.

How durable is Olive and June Nail Polish?

Because Olive & June nail polishes are vegan-based, it is fair to assume it won’t last that long because this is the story of most vegan-based nail polishes.

Olive & June has received so much applause for its exceptional durability. At first glance, online reviews will appear too good to be true but it is exactly what it is. Some users said this polish lasted up to three weeks; super amazing. While we will not say that Olive & June nail polish would last up to 21 days, it is very possible depending on how you go about the usage and maintenance.

According to the founder, Olive and June nail polish which is made in Korea has better durability because of a higher concentration of resin. This explains its thick and chalky texture which will even out with two coats. Therefore, if applied properly and followed up with a top coat, Olive & June polish will last at least two weeks without chipping, especially if the top coat is retouched every few days. It will retain its shine and remain true to the color.

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Tips to make Olive and June Nail Polish last longer

The frustration of seeing your polish chip the same day or the second day you apply it can’t be adequately put into words. Olive & June nail polish promises more than a week wear without chipping. To ensure your Olive & June nail polish retains its shine and pro look for up to 10 days, do the following:

  • Trim and file your nail very well: keeping long nails will significantly reduce how long your polish will last because every contact made will weaken the intramolecular bond of the polish. Also, ridges will enhance chipping hence trim your nails to the fingertip and file the ridges adequately.
  • Moisturize your nails and hand: excessive dryness of mails will result in chipping and cracking. Moisturize regularly to avoid this, for example, after using the bathroom or washing something.
  • Apply a base coat: a base coat helps to form great bonding to the nail as well as to the polish hence reducing the chances of a chip or crack.
  • Use a top coat: a top coat doesn’t just make the polish shine, it also works to lock the polish in hence boosting durability
  • Give time between each coat to allow proper curing: one of the biggest causes of messy home manicure is lack of patience. If you do not let the polish dry properly, you will end up very frustrated because the time and effort spent will be a waste. After each coat, give sufficient time for curing before applying the next coat.
  • Retouch the top coat every few days. This will add a few more days to the durability of the polish as well as preserve the glossy and smooth appearance.

Note: Always try to keep your nails in the best shape in order to continuously enjoy great polish wear. Give your nails a regular break of nail polish to allow them to breathe.


Olive & June Nail Polish is a very amazing nail polish brand. With this brand, you can easily do your manicure in the comfort of your home without having to sacrifice any significant quality difference. With their nail products, you won’t just be saving money; you will also save time and energy. It is cruelty-free and will easily remove your nail. If you want a luxurious nail shine at the comfort of your home and at a budget-friendly rate, then you may want to try Olive & June Nail Polish out.

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