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Top 10 Most Affordable And Reliable Nail Dust Collectors

nail dust collector

During manicure or pedicure especially the nail filing aspect, several unfriendly elements – such as nail dust, chemicals, as well as fungal spores – are released into the atmosphere. These elements don’t just create a mess in the environment but are also breathed in which could cause serious damage to the respiratory system.

While there are masks to prevent breathing in these dangerous elements, they don’t prevent the mess it creates in the environment plus it can make clients feel uncomfortable in a nail salon. Nail dust collectors are designed to suck in all these elements released into the atmosphere during a manicure, nail filing, as well as when doing nail extensions, gel nails, or crystal nails.

Nail dust collectors are primarily made for salons but everyone who does their nails at home should also have this tool – both for long protection and to save the time required to clean the mess made, especially if you use a nail drill machine.

There are diverse types or models of nail dust collectors in the market hence this article is dedicated to helping you get the best.

Features of a Good Nail Dust Collector

  • Well ventilated

The best nail dust collectors are designed with good ventilation to ensure there is no overheating issue as it sucks the dust in.

  • Power usage

This is another very important feature, especially for nail technicians who have a high daily work rate. Consider the power consumption of the nail dust collector.  Also, check the efficiency of the voltage protection if it has.

  • Tray vs dust bag

Instead of a tray, some nail dust collectors are designed with dust bags that help to store the elements released before disposal. If the nail dust collector you want uses a dust bag, check if it’s washable or reusable as well as the number of the bags that come with a purchase.

  • Design

This is also vital though should not be placed ahead of functionality. The best nail dust collectors are very stylish – choose one that easily blends with your salon theme or decor.

Review of the Top 10 Nail Dust Collectors

5 in 1 nail dust collector
  • Makartt Nail Dust Vacuum

This is one of the best nail dust collectors in the market. It comes with two motors and 60 watts of adjustable power, making it an ideal nail dust collector for technicians with a high daily work rate.

In addition to the longer period of usage, the higher voltage and dual motor design work to suck more dust than most nail dust collectors. This is enhanced by the large surface area of the device.

It comes with a flat filter that is removable. After emptying the dust, it is very easy to install the filter. The filter can be reused more times than average nail dust collectors, as far as this filter is not wet.

A concern for users is that When on high, it can be a bit loud. But the higher voltage means a solid medium will be effective for most people hence the noise saga isn’t a problem.


  • Large surface for greater dust absorption
  • 60-watt power plus two-motor design
  • The vacuum power is adjustable


  • Some people find it too big
  • Only a filter comes with it
  • The filter can only be used for a limited time
  • It is loud when placed on high


If you are focused on power as well as a large surface area, then Makarrt Nail Dust Vacuum is highly recommended.


  • AZ Gogo 3-in-1 Manicure Station

This is a highly functional and flexible nail care gadget. It combines three key nail instruments in one design. This makes it an ideal gadget for beginners and people who don’t have much space in their salon. The key tools featured here are a nail drill machine, nail dust vacuum, and a desk light that can be positioned according to your need.

The whole base of this tool is used for the dust extractor hence offering a wide enough surface for adequate dust collection. The filter is flat and can be removed easily for disposal of the dust.

The nail drill is controlled by knobs positioned on the platform. The speed is variable and high enough for hard and acrylic gel. It has six disposable sanding bands and six drill bits.

The third feature, the lamp, can be positioned exactly the way you want hence giving better visuals. The slender design also means it won’t block you.


  • 3 in 1, perfect for small spaces and home nail artists
  • Nail drill has variable speed and drill bits
  • The narrow and adjustable LED lamp allows for a clear line of sight


  • The fan is just 18watt
  • Some users may not fancy the 3 in 1 feature


If you are looking for something that saves space or more features in one gadget as a beginner, then AZ Gogo 3-in-1 Manicure Station is highly recommended.

  • LuxeUp Cordless Rechargeable Nail Dust Vacuum

This nail dust collector adds another dimension in that it is designed with a rechargeable battery that will last up to two hours. This cordless attribute is a deal-breaker for people who are tired of the many cords in their manicure space.

Its two fan speeds offer flexibility around its usage. Depending on the vacuum strength you want as well as the noise level you are willing to take, you can choose either the low or the high. The collection area is also fairly large for better dust collection. The raised hand rest also gives room for comfortable positioning of the hand.

Another aspect of this device that is worthy of a mention is the fact that it can serve as a power bank for running other key tools such as the LED nail lamp as well as USB nail drill. You can also charge devices with it. However, the battery will down faster when it runs other devices but the battery indicator makes it easy for you to track the battery level.

Finally, the two-stage flat filter can be reused.


  • Rechargeable battery with two hours battery life – cordless
  • Two fan speeds – low and high
  • LED battery indicator for monitoring the battery usage
  • Hand rest for comfortable positioning of the hand
  • Can run other tools as well as charge phones


  • The battery life is on the low side
  • Can be too loud when placed on high speed
  • Using it to charge other devices is not good for the battery life


LuxeUp Cordless Rechargeable Nail Dust Vacuum is a great option for users who have had enough of cords and longs for a cordless tool.


  • Sunflower II Nail Dust Vacuum on Wheeled Stand

This is a very versatile and convenient nail dust collector. It can be comfortably used for both manicure and pedicure because it can sit on its wheeled stand as well as clamp on to the side of your manicure station. It can be positioned just the way you want it, thanks to the high flexibility of the neck of the vacuum.

A bright LED lamp built into the head of this nail dust collector gives greater illumination as well as distract clients from the device.

It is not as loud as most nail dust collectors but strong enough to suck in the dust as well as blow odors from chemicals away from your face.

It comes with two filters that are not reusable but the replacement filters are very affordable.


  • Perfect for salon use – usable on a stand or clamp
  • Highly adjustable neck
  • Not loud
  • LED lamp for illumination
  • Affordable filters
  • Sucks in the dust as well as odors


  • Filters are not reusable
  • More expensive option


Sunflower II Nail Dust Vacuum on Wheeled Stand is recommended for people looking for highly versatile and convenient nail dust collectors. It is a perfect option for salon use.

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  • UrYouth 4-in-1 Expert Nail Machine

This is a portable nail dust collector designed with four different tools – nail drill, nail curing lamp, vacuum, and LED light. It works like a mini salon table hence is perfect for doing other people’s nails.

Its 54W nail curing lamp is built into the body of the arch and is big enough to cure two hands at once. It is designed with an auto sensor hence the lamp comes on when hand(s) are sensed. A padded hand rest is designed on top of the arch for positioning of fingers over the vacuum.

A small LED light is positioned on the top for proper illumination.

The inbuilt USB charging port allows clients to charge their phones as their nails are being done.


  • Very compact for a 4-in-1 device
  • Highly functional
  • The nail drill has a variable speed
  • 54W LED nail lamp capable of curing two hands at once
  • Smaller LED lamp for illumination
  • Comfortable hand rest directly over the vacuum
  • The collection bags are reusable
  • USB charging port
  • 12 drill bits


  • The color, pink, may put some users off
  • Some users still find it too big
  • The drill does not have a reverse function
  • Not ideal for personal use
  • Right-handed
  • Small vacuum area


For people who want an option that is compact yet gives them the opportunity to get a lot done, UrYouth 4-in-1 Expert Nail Machine is a perfect consideration.

  • Salon Expert 3-in-1 Nail Machine

Here is another nail dust collector with additional tools. It includes a high-powered nail drill, flexible lamp, and nail fan. A very attractive part of these features is the pedal control that comes with the nail drill.

The small fan is positioned close to the hand rest and the possible LED lamp is exactly where it needs to be. The LED lamp can be removed to create more space.

The drill is by far the standout feature. It is powerful enough to handle hard and acrylic gel at the salon level. It has a foot pedal in addition to the usual forward and reverse button. It has 6 bits and 6 disposable sand bits.


  • Powerful nail drill
  • Additional foot pedal for controlling drill
  • Dust fan with a reusable filter
  • The flexible lamp gives better illumination
  • 6 bits and 6 disposable sand bits
  • Built-in hand rest


  • The multifunction is too much for some users
  • The fan opening is quite small


Salon Expert 3-in-1 Nail Machine is a highly functional nail dust collector. The foot pedal that comes with the drill is a game-changer for many and it’s a reason why it is loved by users.



  • Telescope Dust Extractor W/Removable Hose & LED

This is another highly professional nail dust collector. It is designed with a removable and flexible hose that allows users to direct the vacuum suction as needed. The end of the vacuum hose also a small LED lamp for proper illumination.

Besides the flexible hose, there is also a round vacuum opening in the center of the base which, though is small, is powerful enough for adequate sucking in of dust.

It is an ideal option for salon use because of its powerful 60W fan. The flat filter is also very easy to remove.


  • Compact
  • Flexible and removable vacuum hose for specificity
  • LED light on the hose for illumination
  • Powerful 60W fan
  • The filters are reusable


  • The opening is narrow hence may not be the most adequate
  • Some users don’t like the hose plus when the hose is not used, there won’t be an illumination


Telescope Dust Extractor W/Removable Hose & LED is highly recommended for its powerful fan, compactness, and reusable filter. The flexible hose which gives it dual use function is a deal-breaker for most users.

  • Jewhitney Adjustable Nail Dust Vacuum

This is one of the simplest, cheapest, and yet very great nail vacuum collectors. It is designed with adjustable vacuum power which allows users to adjust both the vacuum power and sound of the fan.

The filter includes two fine mesh collection bags that are reusable. One can be used at a time while the other is being cleaned which is a better option than single bag nail dust collectors.

The hand rest is covered with faux leather for users’ comfort.


  • Two reusable collection bags
  • The vacuum power is adjustable
  • Not loud
  • Compact
  • Comfortable hand rest
  • Perfect for low budget users


  • Some people may find it too bland
  • It’s greatly limited in terms of power


For people who don’t have too much to spend, Jewhitney Adjustable Nail Dust Vacuum is a great option with formidable adjustment levels.

  • Aonolovo Vacuum Dust Collector

This is another very good option for people who don’t have much to spend on a nail dust collector. As you would expect, the design is simple.

It comes with a large dust opening that makes it easier and more effective in capturing dust. The filter is reusable. It is not as powerful as other models neither is the power adjustable but it is perfect for beginners.

It’s a very easy to use device because of the one-button design.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Filter is reusable
  • Simple design and easy to use
  • The dust opening


  • The power is not adjustable
  • It is significantly less in power
  • It is loud
  • The design is too bland
  • It may be too tall for some users


Aonolovo Vacuum Dust Collector is a cheap option. It is significantly lower in functionality in comparison to high-end options but is worth more than it costs. It is a perfect option for beginners.

  • Meiyya Floral Nail Salon Vacuum

This is a stunning nail dust collector. It features a floral pattern and gently round arch that suit the female gender.

A fan grid containing three small fans is positioned above the arch. The use of a collection bag rather than a flat filter allows for longer usage before emptying the dust.

It is a very easy to use device with a simple on and off switch.


  • Sleek and classy design – floral pattern
  • Very easy to use
  • Three fans with two reusable bags
  • The arch serves as the hand rest


  • It is less powerful
  • The speed of the fan cannot be adjusted


Meiyya Floral Nail Salon Vacuum is a simple, classy, and easy to use nail dust collector. Though it does not come with many features, its simplicity and sleekness are highly desirable besides the fact that it is very effective.



How to Use a Nail Dust Collector

If this is the first time you are using a nail dust collector, then you may want to know your way around it. They typically come with how to use instruction but may not be very simple.

  • The very first step is to install the dust filter – fix it properly
  • Then turn it on
  • Place your hand or foot on the machine panel and go ahead with your nail care
  • When you are through drilling or filing the nails, switch the machine off
  • Finally, remove the filter and dispose of the accumulated elements.

Can Nail Dust Make You Sick?

This is a very frequent question by both experts and nail enthusiasts. If the dust released during nail care is breathed in continuously, it could cause respiratory issues such as infections and asthma, among many other issues. Therefore, it is imperative to get the best nail dust collector for your nail care.


Nail dust collectors are essential or key tools for nail care. They don’t just keep the salon space clean but also serve the greater importance of protecting nail technicians as well as enthusiasts against respiratory problems. They can be used both at home and in the salon. Some of the best nail dust collectors were reviewed above, based on several factors including design, functionality, and budget.

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