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Any Important Kerasal Nail Warnings? Find Out The Truth

Chances are that you are reading this Kerasal nail warnings article because you are battling with nail fungus or know someone who is. Well, you are not alone. Nail fungus is a very popular infection, affecting not less than 5% of any population at a particular time. Fungal infections are responsible for about 23% of foot diseases and above 50% of nail conditions. A survey claims more than 50% of the American population is symptomatic of nail fungus and infection. While this may seem rather too high, the fact remains that nail fungus is more rampant than we would be willing to admit.

While nail fungus usually begins subtly, it could quickly become unpalatable if left untreated. Nail fungus often starts with a spot beneath the nail and will quickly advance to change both the color and structure of the nail. It is highly contagious; spreads easily and very fast.

Given its high rate of occurrence, the search for a permanent solution to nail fungus is intense. The treatment of nail fungus is very challenging; takes a few months to arrive at full cure yet with a high rate of reoccurrence. There are effective home remedies for nail fungus, e.g. tea tree oil, oregano oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, etc., but normally requires a longer treatment period. On the other hand, there are medications; they are very effective and fast but are unfortunately often with side effects that could be as serious as causing damages to internal organs.

In between home remedies and medications are over-the-counter products for nail fungus. These specially formulated products are made to effectively treat nail fungus without or with insignificant side effects. They are also markedly faster than home remedies. A top over-the-counter nail fungus solution is Kerasal.


This is an over-the-counter topical treatment for nail fungus. it is a clear and odorless liquid formulated to penetrate the nail quite easily and quickly to the nail bed, where it then works to fight the nail fungus and improve the nail’s appearance. It minimizes the symptoms of nail fungus such as discoloration, thickening, as well as crumbling thereby ensuring the restoration of a healthy nail.

The ingredients used in the formulation include urea, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, disodium EDTA, lactic acid, and propylene glycol. The active ingredient in Kerasal is Urea. It is an excellent nail softener. Another active ingredient is lactic acid which inhibits the growth of fungus for altering the pH around the infected nail(s).

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Benefits or Pros of Using Kerasal for Fungal Infection

  • Odorless: one of the most common problems with nail fungus treatment products is the odor. A good number of effective products have a strong or repulsive odor that often discourages the use. It stands out in this regard in that it is odorless despite its effectiveness in the treatment of nail fungus. This earns Kerasal 100 points.
  • Easy application: It comes with a silicon tip applicator that is very easy to use. The applicator ranks among the easiest to use. With this, you can easily and quickly treat nail fungus without the fear of spreading the infection.
  • Fast action: Kerasal is perhaps most popular for its quick action. Within one week of using Kerasal, noticeable improvement will occur both in the color and thickness of the nail.
  • Safe: FDA approves Kerasal for the treatment of nail fungus. it does not contain chemicals or preservatives hence is very safe for usage by all.
  • Anytime usage: Kerasal is clear and colorless hence will not stain your clothing or bedding. This makes it perfect for usage at any time of your choice.

Application of Kerasal

As mentioned above, Kerasal is very easy to apply. The first step is to prepare the nail.

Nail preparation

  • Keep nails well-trimmed
  • Then wash nail and the nail area with warm water and soap
  • If the nail if already thick, file it as much as possible to allow Kerasal work as effective as possible since it is a topical solution.
  • Rinse your feet again to ensure the debris does not spread the fungus to other nails.

Note: you can do all this while having a shower but you must ensure the tools, as well as shower, are disinfected to prevent the spread of the fungus.

After preparing the nail, use the silicon applicator to apply the topical solution to the infected nail. make it a thin layer and ensure it gets under the edges of the nail as much as possible. Then leave it for a few minutes to dry before wearing shoes or sleeping.

Note: Kerasal can be combined with other products and home remedies for more effective treatment.

Possible side effects of Kerasal

It is made exclusively for external usage. It is usually without side effects but if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed above, then you may want to avoid this product to avoid triggering reactions and discomfort. Keep away from children. If it accidentally comes in contact with your eyes or mucous membranes, wash properly with warm water. If you have any more fear, contact your physician.

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Kerasal Nail Warnings And Negative reviews

There a number of negative reviews online but these are mostly due to improper usage or inadequate understanding of what Kerasal does. Kerasal works mostly to improve the nail’s appearance which is why it is advisable to use it with more active antifungal ingredients. Kerasal will improve the appearance of the nail quickly while the combined ingredient works to destroy the root of the fungus.

Why Kerasal Should Be Bought

In summary, Kerasal offers very good value for money. The ugly sight of nails which hinders you from wearing slippers or sandals for social gatherings is quickly corrected by Kerasal while you embrace a more lasting solution to the nail fungus. Kerasal is very effective, fast, odorless, easy to use, and affordable.

Kerasal is an effective over-the-counter product for treating nail fungus. it works very fast and is usually without any side effects. It is easy to apply and does not have an odor, unlike many other antifungal products. If you need a topical solution with fast action against nail fungus yet without side effects, then this is for you. It takes out the side effects of medications and works faster than home remedies.