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Kerasal Nail Warnings

Does Kerasal Work Or Another Scam? Find Out The Truth Now

Kerasal Nail Treatment Review

Many people in the United States and worldwide suffer from toenail fungus infections. In a bid to relieve people of such infections, companies have released treatment for nail fungus infections, some of them work, some don’t.In this article, we will be reviewing one of the best toenail fungus treatment products on the market – namely- kerasal toenail fungus treatment. This article will help determine if kerasal nail treatment is effective. We will also explore many essential things you should know if you are considering this product.

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About kerasal Nail Treatment


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Kerasal nail treatment is a product of Moberg Pharma, one of the top pharmaceuticals in the world. The product comes in a tube with a clear and colorless liquid, which is meant to be rubbed on the infected toe. It comes with friendly ingredients that are proven to provide relief and change the appearance of the nail in just one week. It also has active ingredients that soften the nail.

Kerasal Nail treatment: Does it Work?

One of the questions many people will be keen on knowing is if the treatment works. There has been much positive feedback from real users of the product. Many users from all over the world have thrown in positive reviews after using the product.

While Kerasal does not make any bold claim of healing the fungi, it does improves the appearance of the infected nail. Many users have tried the product and have testified to this claim. No matter how ugly toenail fungus has made your nail look, by using kerasal on the affected nails, you will see some significant improvement in a short while.

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More than 90% of users have recorded an improvement in their nail appearance after a week of using the Kerasal treatment. This is not surprising as the treatment comes with some active ingredients that effectively penetrate the nail bringing about changes and relief quickly.

Many things might cause nail fungus. The most common causes are wet and moist areas. As a result, several variables affect the chances of success. All in all, more than 90% users have success within the first week of using kerasal on their toenails.

Cost of Kerasal Nail Treatment

The product is available online for around $20. The final price, however, might depend on the time of purchase and the exact store you are buying from. 

Some Precautions for taking Kerasal Nail treatment

Kerasal nail treatment is not recommended for people allergic to urea or salicylic acid. People with a history of liver disease and kidney disease should also consult with a healthcare professional before using it. 

While there is no concluded research on the influence of product on an unborn baby, we advise that pregnant women seek medical advice before using it.

We also advise that a breastfeeding woman seek medical advice as there is no conclusive proof whether urea or salicylic acid could harm a toddler by penetrating to the breast milk.

People with fever, especially children or teens, should not use the treatment. Kids with chickenpox or flu-like symptoms especially should not use the treatment. One of the constituents of Kerasal nail treatment – salicylates can trigger Reye’s syndrome- a severe condition of a kid.

The product should not be used for children under two years of age. 

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Claims of Kerasal Nail Treatment

Here are some claims from the company. Thankfully, many users have attested to some of the claims

  • Result in less than 14 days
  • Improves nail appearance
  • Takes care of discoloration
  • 92% success rate
  • Normalizes and softens thickened nails

How to Apply Kerasal treatment

This section will detail how to apply kerasal nail treatment

  1. Clip and Clean the Infected Nail

You need to clean the infected nail and get it ready for treatment before applying the Kerasal on it. Bear in mind that you need the treatment to reach the infected part of your toe, so you have to skillfully remove the infected part of your nail (the top nail). You can use a sterilized pair of clippers.

There is also specialty clipper recommended for people with nails that have become tough over time. Make sure you dispose of the infected debris away as soon as possible to prevent further contamination.

On clipping off the nail, you need to prevent the possibility of the fungi infecting other body parts. This is why you need a thorough bath. While your regular soap will be fine, anti-fungi soap is also a good idea as it addresses the nail fungus.

  • Apply the Kerasal Formula

Now that you have cleaned and clipped the nail, you can go ahead to use the nail treatment on it. With a brush-on applicator, make sure you apply lavishly on the affected part – under the nail bed and directly by the side of the nail. This can also work for people with athletes foot as you can apply to the webbing of the toes.

We recommend doing this and leaving it on you overnight for maximum results.

  • Wait for at Least a Week for Positive Changes

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Even though the owners of the product claim you should wait for two weeks before having any positive result, many users report seeing results and improvement in a week. 

This means that all brittle and thin nails and nail discoloration should improve. You, however, need to keep on applying the kerasal treatment at least once a day. This is important to make sure the fungus infection subside on time. Even after the infection disappears, keep up with the application for a thorough result.

We recommend applying the solution twice a day – morning and night – for people with a pretty severe infection

Features of Kerasal Nail treatment

  • A colorless and odorless fluid
  • You do not need a prescription to buy and use it
  • The American Podiatric Medical Association approves it

Pros and Cons of the product

We believe many potential users will want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the product before using it. We highlight them below:


  • Improves nail appearance in a week
  • No mess, easy application
  • Requires no prescription
  • The American Podiatric Medical Association approves the product
  • High success rate – 90%
  • The odorless product does not cause irritation
  • Does not stain your cloth or bedspread if you will be using overnight
  • No much ritual before application


  • Optimal effect could take a couple of months
  • Not a cure

Key Ingredients in Kerasal Treatment

Here are the active ingredients in the solution:

  • Water
  • Urea
  • Lactic acid
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Disodium EDTA
  • Propylene Glycol

While many of the above look like scientific jargon and seem scary, they are common ingredients that are available in many treatments used for the same purpose.

These ingredients are safe and work effectively to treat your fungal infection.

Safety Concerns

To everyone that wants to use Kerasal treatment, it should be used for the external purpose only. Also, be sure to avoid contact with the eyes to prevent irritation. Should the product come in contact with the eye, rinse with a lot of water. If discomfort persists, make sure to contact a doctor. Also, keep away from the reach of children. 

Should you be allergic to any of the constituents of the products, it is good to stay away from it. The good news, however, is that the product hardly causes allergies or adverse reactions. Also, make sure you read the information on the package well before use.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kerasal

Does Kerasal Cure Toenail Fungus?

Without a doubt, kerasal nail removal will bring about relief and improvement in your fungal infection. It, however, will neither prevent nor cure the infection. You can only get a cure using prescription meds targeted at fungal infection.

How good is Kerasal?

It is guaranteed that within two weeks of using the kerasal treatment, users will see improvement. The manufacturer had a research involving 500 participants. The result of the research revealed that 92% of users had a tremendous improvement in two weeks of using the product.

Does Kerasal Penetrate nails?

Yes, for the product to be effective, the active ingredients penetrate the nail and bring about positive changes and improvements. This is not surprising as many people testify to the effectiveness of bringing about changes in less than two weeks of using the product.

Conclusion and Recommendation

One of the negative sides of fungal infection is how to get your nail back to its original appearance. This is where kerasal fungal nail renewal treatment comes in. It comes with active ingredients that get rid of nail thickness, brittleness, and discoloration of the nail. Compared to other toenail fungus treatment products on the market is, kerasal is relatively inexpensive.

It is simple to apply and does not irritate nor stain. You can use it for both the toenails and fingernails. You can also use it for athletes’ foot and to treat psoriases. Scientifically, you have a high chance of success (92%) by using the kerasal fungal nail renewal treatment. In less than two weeks, you will see tremendous changes. You will, however, have to use the product for many months for a tangible result. 

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