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zeta clear review

Is ZetaClear A Scam? Find Out The Truth In This Review Now

zetaclear review

A problem common with nails, especially toenails, is toenail fungus which is also known as onychomycosis. This problem starts as a yellow or white spot beneath the tip of the nail. If left unattended to, toenail fungus can quickly evolve leading to discoloration and thickening of the nails. It can also cause crumbling at the edge of the nail. Hence many people are all over the internet searching for products such as Zetaclear. Unfortunately, a good number of these so-called nail fungus treatments are just nothing but scams. This is why we are sharing our experience with one of the nail fungus treatments on the market – Zetaclear.

Many people can’t wear open-toe sandals because of the effects of nail fungus on their toes. Not less than 30 million Americans are affected by toenail fungus. It also affects fingernails but is extensively more common to toenails.

Although it affects all age groups, older adults are usually affected more by this infection. This is so because as nail ages, dryness can set in which could then result in cracks. These cracks allow the growth of fungi. Besides the dryness that could occur with age, a weaker immune system, as well as reduced blood circulation, may equally play significant roles. Though it rarely jumps from a person to another, it can spread from one nail of a person to the other.

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Symptoms Of Nail Fungus 

  • Thickened nails
  • Discoloration of the nail to white or yellow-green
  • Crumbly nails
  • Building up of debris beneath the nail resulting in a dark color
  • Smelly foot

These problems could be very painful hence causing the consistent search for remedies. There are diverse kinds of remedies people with this nail problem have tried out but the problem persists or returns after seemingly successful treatment. Therefore, the search continues for a permanent treatment of this problem. ZetaClear offers the much-needed permanent solution to this nail problem. At the least, ZetaClear causes a major improvement in nail condition.

What Is ZetaClear?

Zeta Clear review

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ZetaClear is the perfect answer to the problem of nails fungus. It, composed totally of natural ingredients approved by the FDA, exterminates fungus and polishes the nail. What ZetaClear does is stop the growth of the fungus, eject it and finally polish the nail.

 This combination product has both a homeopathic remedy developed to cause internal healing and a topical solution rich in plant for external treatment. ZetaClear takes care of nail fungus, gets rid of the yellowing of nails and boost nail health as specified by the manufacturer. Natural oils, such as Vitamin E oil and Tea Tree oil, with enormous anti-fungal properties are used together with Undecylenic Acid in the manufacturing of ZetaClear.

Ingredients In Zetaclear

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  • Oral Spray Ingredients

Alcohol base: this comprises 20% of the oral spray. It acts as a liquid solvent to ensure the homeopathic remedy. It equally serves as a perfect preservative. Many people raise eyebrows about the use of alcohol but there is nothing to worry about as a recommended amount of alcohol is perfectly okay. Nevertheless, the use of alcohol makes it unsafe for children and people with health issues like liver problems. People who have prior chemical dependency issues should also see a health care professional before using this product.

Homeopathic Antimoniumcrudum: this takes care of itching and excess moisture. Drainage of tissues around nails as well as redness can be relieved by this component of ZetaClear.

Homeopathic Mancinella: the discomfort, redness, and inflammation of tissues around the fingers and toes are relieved by Mancinella. The drainage seeing in infected tissues may also be reduced.

Homeopathic Arsenicum album: Arseniculum supports the entire body, vitalizing tissues and aiding healing.

Homeopathic Sulphur: Sulphur is a popular ingredient for skin treatment. It supports the body’s immune system and relieves itching.

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Homeopathic NitricumAcidum: healing between the skin and mucus membranes is facilitated by NitricumAcidum. The effects of this include sufficient circulation to nailbeds hence resulting in faster and more effective healing of infections including fungal infections. The usual discomfort that accompanies cracks around nailbeds could be alleviated by NitricumAcidum.

Homeopathic Thujaoccidentalis: This ingredient takes care of chronic infections especially as it pertains to the skin, mucus membrane and nail.

  • ZetaClear Topical Ingredients (external use)

Undecylenic acid: the base ingredient in this solution is undecylenic acid. It is gotten from the castor oil plant. It serves a lot of purposes to boost the general health of the nail and by extension the whole body. Fungi are destroyed by this acid; itching and burning of infected tissues are alleviated. It may also boost the immune system hence a better body response to infection. This ingredient and products containing it should not be used on children below two years of age. Also, it should be noted that undecylenic acid should be used on broken skin. Get health care professionals’ advice if you have to use this acid for more than 30 days.

Clove oil: This oil is highly concentrated. It can cause skin and mucus membranes irritation. Clove oil alleviates infections.

Tea tree oil: this antiseptic oil causes tissues deep cleansing. It eliminates viruses, fungi, yeast, and bacteria. This oil is safe for use without dilution hence making it one of the very few essential oils that can be used undiluted. Itching and discomfort caused by fungal infections are alleviated by Tea tree oil.

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Lemongrass oil: stagnant and swollen tissues are relieved hence allowing better circulation which in turn boosts the body healing rate.

Jojoba oil: this wax-like oil is like the oil within the human skin. This nutritious oil is easily absorbed by the body cells. It is also rich in antioxidants a d reduces inflammation and itching.

Almond oil: almond oil has amazing healing properties. It gets deep into the tissues with many other ingredients. This highly nourishing and soothing oil also eliminates itching.

Lavender oil: this soothing oil relieves inflammation, combats infections, alleviates itching and enhances healing.

Vitamin E: this oil is rich in antioxidant which helps to eliminate free radicals from the body, therefore, improving healing. Free radicals in the body are responsible for lots of diseases in the body. Vitamin E also increases the shelf life of other oils used in this solution.

Does ZetaClear Really Work For Toenail Fungi?

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People often ask if Zetaclear is just another product on the log of many products that promise so much but did little or nothing to deliver on the promises. The best way to verify the functionality of a product is to hear want customers who have used the product over some time. The review posted by these customers is mostly good. ZetaClear keeps delivering on the several functions highlighted by the manufacturer.

No product has been found to work for everyone at the same level and ZetaClear is no different. Another factor one must consider in the effectiveness of ZetaClear is the notorious nature of fungi infections making it a very complicated condition to treat. It also often takes a longer period before a total cure is achieved.

An important point to also know is the fact that ZetaClear doesn’t promise overnight treatment of nail fungal infection. Users say the first obvious changes are noticed after at least a week of consistent usage. In fact, some say they didn’t observe any difference until about a month of consistent usage of ZetaClear.

How To Use Zetaclear

The topical solution should not be put in the mouth or eyes for any reason. In case of accidental contact with the eyes or mouth, wash immediately with water or see a healthcare professional especially in the case of mouth contact. It is better to reach out to a poison control center to ensure any fatality that could be caused by essential oils in the body is swiftly averted.

In case of overdose, which is very unlikely, users should get help from a medical expert or poison control center.

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Side effects

ZetaClear is a generally risk-free product since it doesn’t contain any strong ingredients. An overview of what buyers and users say about the product also attest to the fact that ZetaClear is without notable side effects. Pregnant women and children below age twelve should talk to their health care professionals before using ZetaClear.

What’s The Price Of ZetaClear?


A one-month supply of ZetaClear costs about $50 including delivery fee. Prices are lower for multipacks and shipping is free. There are also amazing discounts for the purchase of multiple packs. For example, the purchase of three packs can see the buyer get three free while one free pack could go to a buyer who purchased 2 packs. Hence it is better to buy multiple packs since ZetaClear is needed over a longer period than can be covered by a pack.

ZetaClear has a 90-day money-back guarantee on their products. This money-back guarantee applies only to products not opened or used.

In conclusion, ZetaClear is an all-natural product approved by the FDA without any known or established side effects. The two major parts include oral spray solution which is used internally to cause inner healing and the second solution is used for eternal purposes to take care of redness, swelling, and nail thickening. ZetaClear is one of the most popular and effective treatments for the notorious nail fungus.

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