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fungi nail review

Is Fungi Nail A Scam? Find Out The Honest Truth

Fungi Nail user review

Discolored nails, thickened nails, crumbly nails, and brittle nails are all signs of nail fungus. Nail fungus which is also called onychomycosis is a very common problem of the nail. More than half of all nail problems are attributed to nail fungus. It affects at least 2 of every ten persons in most populations. All its symptoms leave the affected nail ugly and painful when touched or in shoes. Old age, sweaty feet or hands, a suppressed or weakened immune system, history of athlete’s foot, old shoes, and genetics are some of the risk factors of nail fungus.

Nail fungus spreads quite easily and very fast. It is difficult to treat; the treatment would normally last a few months and yet has a high rate of relapse. With this level of challenges faced in the treatment of nail fungus, it is important to be armed with the best tools. There are not too many effective treatment options for nail fungus; treatments that will not just improve the appearance of the nail but do the real work of destroying the fungus. The treatment options include medications, over-the-counter products, and home remedies. Fungi nail ranks among the very best treatments available for nail fungus.

Fungi Nail review

fungi nail review

Fungi nail is an over-the-counter antifungal product. It treats nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and ringworm effectively and faster than many other over-the-counter products. It contains a powerful ingredient that is clinically approved to stop the spread of the fungus, kill fungus, cures athlete’s foot, and restores the skin.

Special features of Fungi Nail

  • The antifungal ingredient which is clinically proven halts the spread of fungus and kills the fungus.
  • The formula which is at maximum strength cures the athlete’s foot as well as stops skin fungus around the nail.
  • Its moisturizing effect helps to return the skin to its healthy state
  • Nail pen: Fungi Nail comes with a pen brush applicator which makes the use of the solution very easy. Nail pen also helps you to apply the solution proportionately based on how the nail is affected. Basically, the solution gets sufficiently where it is needed. This precise distribution is not afforded by treatment methods such as a foot or hand soak. This preciseness contributes to the fast action of Fungi Nail. 
  • Moisture block technology: Fungi Nail has a patented ClearGuard Moisture Block Technology. This powerful technology gives Fungi Nail solution a water-resistant ability hence ensuring it stays on the nail and nail bed as long as possible which gives you the freedom of doing your daily activities without particular attention to your nail fungus. In fact, you can wash your hands or take a quick shower; Fungi Nail continues its work because it is locked in by its water-resistant ability. This enhances the effectiveness of the product as well as prevent a spread to other nails or the surrounding skin.

Key Ingredients in Fungi Nail

Undecylenic Acid 25% – active ingredient 

Undecylenic acid is the main or primary or active ingredient in Fungi Nail. This acid, usually gotten from castor oil plant especially on a commercial scale, has numerous benefits for the whole body. It is an approved and scientifically proven antifungal agent. Undecylenic acid belongs in a group of chemical compounds called fatty acids which are also a basic part of the human body.

Having this similar key component, undecylenic acid is able to effectively improve the body’s healing ability which is a very important part of the fight against nail fungus. It destroys fungi, relieves inflammation and itching, and enhances the body’s immune system. Undecylenic acid is very safe for use. However, it should not be used for children not above two years, and neither should it be used on broken skin. 

Isopropyl Palmitate

This is the inactive ingredient in Fungi Nail. 

Using Fungi Nail 

The first step before applying the fungi nail to the affected area is to prepare the nail. Nail preparation includes:

  • Cutting or trimming: nail preparation starts with the cutting or trimming of the infected nail. This involves removing the most affected part of the nail as much as possible. To avoid the risk of a spread, use long-handled clippers or scissors for the trimming. Caution: do not cut the nail excessively.
  • Filing: Fungi Nail is a topical solution hence will work better the lesser the surface area of the nail. Nail fungus usually causes nail thickness hence file away layers of the nail. In this process, more of the infected nail is gotten rid of.
  • Washing: following proper trimming and filing, debris would be on the nail in corners of the though may not be very visible. Use warm water and wash off the debris. Make sure you properly wash the surrounding skin, edges around the nail, as well as cracks in the nail.
  • Drying: the final step in nail preparation is to dry it gently but thoroughly after washing. Avoid harsh drying in order not to cause irritation.
  • Following proper preparation of the affected nail, apply a thin layer of Fungi Nail Toe & Foot Antifungal Solution on the nail and the surrounding skin twice per day. The applicator brush that comes with this product makes the application of the solution to the adjacent skin of the nail and the cuticle very easy.


  • When using Fungi Nail, make use of the applicator brush which is designed for easy application and to prevent any chances of the infection jumping from nails to nails such as toenails to fingernails.
  • Before cutting or trimming the nail(s), you may soak it in warm water for a few minutes. This is to help soften the nail which makes it easy to cut and trim hence eliminating the risk of hurting yourself during cutting or trimming the nail. This is especially important for thickened nails.
  • Disinfect all tools after each treatment and properly dispose of the nail clippings to ensure you do not come in contact with it again.
  • You can have a total shower using antifungal soap.
  • Be consistent and patient when treating nail fungus. It would take a few months. Do not reduce the rate or frequency of the usage of Fungi Nail even when you have seen noticeable improvements.
  • Disinfect your shoes, socks, clothing, and shower to avoid reinfection.

Benefits of Fungi Nail
  • FDA approved ingredients: the active ingredient in Fungi Nail, Undecylenic acid, is approved by the FDA for the treatment of fungal infections. This approval is a guarantee of the effectiveness of Fungi Nail and the removal of any fear of adverse effects subsequent to its usage.
  • Great healing process: Fungi Nail significantly enhances the body’s ability to heal which is due to the common chemical compounds between the body and its active ingredient – fatty acids. This is an important factor because any treatment that will boast of an effective and permanent cure to nail fungus should be able to help the body fights infections and heal fast by itself.
  • Fast: Fungi Nail is one of the fastest if not the fastest treatment for nail fungus. If used properly and consistently, Fungi Nail can cure your nail fungus in just 12 weeks. This is a significant time difference compared to the usual five to six months.
  • Water-resistant: Fungi Nail has a patented ClearGuard Moisture Block Technology which traps the solution in the nail bed long enough for it to fight the fungus. It means you do not need to be too careful about water washing it off.
  • Safe: Fungi Nail is a very safe product with no known or serious side effects. However, it should not be used on broken skin and should also not be used for children not up to two years. This is because of the powerful and effective way Fungi Nail works.
  • Easy to apply: Fungi Nail is one of the easiest over-the-counter products available for the treatment of nail fungus. After the usual nail preparation, all you need to do is apply a few drops to the affected area. It comes with a nail pen which contributes to the easy application as well as the prevention of a spread.

Does Fungi Nail really work for nail fungus?

This is perhaps the first question we ask when we lay hold of new products. Besides the money we would spend, time, effort, and our general health would be impacted hence this question. This question becomes particularly important considering some contradicting reports. Fungus Nail really works for nail fungus. It contains a scientifically proven antifungal ingredient which is a key component in most effective products.

There is also more than enough testimony to back this up such that one can fairly conclude that it works almost 100 percent of the time. All that is required is proper and consistent usage as well as a lot of patience because this treatment takes time and it varies from person to person depending on the level of the infection before you begin treatment and other nail care guidelines you are maintaining. Fungi Nail will destroy nail fungus permanently especially when you properly disinfect your items such as shoes and socks.

Does Fungi Nail work on both fingernails and toenails?

This is a follow-up question to the last. Fungus Nail treats both fingernails and toenails fungi effectively. The result is the same – fungus destruction and new and healthy nail growth. For toenail fungus, use Fungi Nail at least twice a day while at least three times application per day should be observed for fingernails fungus.

When will I see results?

Fungi Nail works very fast such that you may notice a difference within two to three weeks of usage depending on the severity of the infection. For a mild nail fungus, a complete cure can be achieved in two weeks especially if your body heals fast.

When is the treatment complete?

When a new, clear, and healthy nail has grown in place of the old, thick, discolored, crumbly and brittle one, then nail fungus treatment can be affirmatively said to have been completed. However, you are advised to continue the usage of Fungi Nail for about another two weeks to remove the possibility of a reoccurrence.

Is Fungi Nail safe?

Fungus nail, like most over-the-counter products, is very safe for usage by almost anybody. However, very few users of Fungi Nail complain of mild side effects, the most common of which is a warming sensation in the surrounding and the nail bed. If this sensation doesn’t stop after a while, you may stop using this product temporarily until you consult a doctor.

Also, it must not be allowed to touch the eyes, mouth, and the mucous membrane. It should be kept out of the rich of children and children’s usage (above 2 years) should be properly supervised. It is meant for external usage. If ingested accidentally, consult a doctor immediately. 

Can I use Fungi Nail with nail polish?

This is one of the most popular questions from women regarding the treatment of nail fungus. Usually, it is advised to keep the nails exposed while treating nail fungus but this means bearing all the ugliness which is not so cool. Fortunately, Fungi Nail can be used with nail polish. However, make sure the nail polish is antifungal. Traditional nail polish will further strengthen the fungus making it more difficult to treat. 

Should you buy Fungi Nail?

Fungi Nail is an effective, fast, and safe treatment for athlete’s foot, ringworm, and nail fungus. Though some say it doesn’t work for nail fungus because it is not specified on the package, the testimonies of people who have used this product to treat nail fungus are convincing.

I am particularly impressed by the consistent mention of the speed of action of Fungi Nail. It works to cure fungi infections permanently and does so very fast. Its water-resistant feature lets you do whatever you need to do during the day include hand washing and shower. It offers an amazing value for money – Fungi Nail is one of the cheapest fungus nail treatments despite its amazing and fast operation.

Pricing and Purchasing

Fungi Nail can be purchased on several online stores including Amazon, Walmart, Walgreen, eBay, etc. Fungi Nail costs about $23 on Amazon. When buying Fungi Nail, remember that the treatment of nail fungus will last a few months hence buy more units to cover the treatment period and you will save more money on each additional unit you buy on some online stores.

Proper nail care tips

The treatment and prevention of nail fungus will not be possible if proper nail care isn’t observed and maintained. They include:

  • Keep your nails properly trimmed and clean at all times
  • Keep your toes and fingers as dry as possible
  • Wear shoes and socks made with breathable materials
  • Do not walk barefoot in public places such as a public swimming pool or locker room
  • Avoid excessive use of nail polish
  • Pay attention to your general health care

Final thought

I would definitely recommend Fungi Nail for anybody who wants to treat nail fungus which is a particularly notorious infection to treat. I took time out to carefully examine the effectiveness of this product and I have found it to be a good value for money. The key ingredient, Undecylenic acid, is a key antifungal agent is perhaps the most sought for in over-the-counter nail fungus products.

Compared to many other treatment options that could cause damages as serious as organ damages, Fungi Nail is safe with no known side effects. In Fungi Nail, you have a product that will destroy nail fungus, relieve the pain, and restore a clear and healthy nail without harming you.