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Is Curve Correct/Onycho Correct A Scam? Find Out The Truth Now

curve correct

A curved toenail, also called a pincer nail, refers to the inward curving of the sides of the toenail resulting in a dig into the surrounding skin. Curved toenails can be a major problem especially when it causes ingrown toenails. The growth of the toenail into the surrounding skin rather than outward growth is what is called ingrown toenail. This is where curve correct comes in.



Ingrown toenails which are also called onychocryptosis usually start with inflammation and could end up with infection if not treated promptly. It can be very painful. Curved toenails are caused by a number of factors including:

Trauma: the overall course of the toenail growth can be significantly altered in case of trauma to the toes. Such trauma includes hitting the toe against hard objects hence forcing the nail into awkward growth positions. This is why athletes who make extensive use of their toes are more prone to having curved toenails.

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Tight shoes: tight shoes cause crowding of the toes putting a lot of pressure on the toenails. If this is allowed to continue long enough, the toenails will begin to curve inward. Usually, the big toe takes much of this brunt which is why ingrown toenail is more common with the big toenail.

Small toes: in certain cases, a curved toenail is caused by the small size of toes. The inability of the toe to accommodate the proper growth of the nail results in its uncharacteristic growth ultimately ending in an ingrown toenail.

Poor hygiene: your feet must be kept clean and dry always. Failure to do this makes you more susceptible to curved toenail.

Incorrect cutting: this is a key cause of curved toenail because too many people get it wrong. Usually, people follow the curve of the nail when cutting it thereby encouraging the nail to curve and grow into the skin. When cutting your nails, cut in straight lines, and do not make it too short.

Genetics: Just like many other health conditions, curved toenail can be inherited. People who have this tendency must pay extra attention to the care of their toes otherwise they end up suffering serious pains from ingrown toenails.



Diet: deficiency of zinc and iron in diets will cause upward curving of the nail. This awkward growth exposes the toenail to more injury.

Treatment of curved toenail

A curved toenail can be treated in a number of ways, the best – based on customers’ testimonies – of which is the Curve Correct.

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Curve Correct Or onycho correct

Curve Correct or onycho correct ingrown toenail brace is designed to act as a spring. When the thin, reinforced composite strip brace is fastened to the surface of the toenail, it gently strengthens and lifts each side of the toenail. This reduces the pressure the toenail exact on the surrounding skin hence correcting the problem of curved nails. This is usually painless and covers just a few weeks.

Curve Correct is designed mainly for the big toe but some of them can be modified to handle ingrown nails on other toes as well as fingernails. Care must be taken when using onycho correct ingrown toenail brace for thin toenails, children’s toenails, and fingernails because it can cause a lot of pain especially when it corrects the toenail too quickly.

Application of Curve Correct AKA onycho correct

The application of Curve Correct ingrown toenail brace takes just about five minutes. If you cannot easily reach your toenail, you should get help because the application requires precision. Before the application, there is the need to prepare the toenail.

Preparing the toenail

Trimming: if your toenail needs trimming, trim it adequately.



Cleaning: it is important for the toenail to be totally clean. Wash off all contaminants e.g. bandage adhesive, ointment, nail polish, pus, sock fibers, blood, etc. Use soap and water to clean the toenail and the surrounding skin. For flushing out of all contaminants, use a fine brush to reach into the fold of the toenail.

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Application Steps
  1. Pre-fit brace

In order to know the angle of the brace that will work for your nail, pre-fit the brace on the affected toenail. the first end of the toenail brace must be bonded to the side of the toenail most affected. When doing this, make sure this end of the toenail brace lays flat against the toenail. the curve on this side of your toenail determines the angle of the brace.

  • File toenail

In order to ensure proper adhesion of the brace, file the surface – including the edges – of your toenail thoroughly. Focus more on the areas where the brace will be applied. See to it that high spots and ridges are well filed to reduce gaps beneath the brace.

  • Clean with solvent

After the proper filing of the nail surface, clean the surface with a solvent using a cotton swab. Make sure the nail groove is properly cleaned then allow to dry.

  • Apply adhesive to the first end

After the above step, onycho correct ingrown toenail brace is ready for application. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to one end of the brace – ensure the adhesive does not touch any part of your body including the affected toenail. the layer of the adhesive should not thicker nor wider than the brace itself.

  • First end bonding

This is where the pre-fit step comes in handy because it is imperative to get the placement spot on. Using the opposite end of a cotton swab, position the end of the ingrown toenail brace that has been layered with adhesive on the end of the toenail you pre-fit it. This must be done as quickly as possible because the adhesive cures very fast. Upon positioning, hold the brace for 30 seconds without any movement and then leave for about 2 minutes to cure.

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  • Ensure correct length

Following the curing of the first end, check to ensure the length is perfect. Check for the correct length by bending the other ending of the toenail brace to the second end of your toenail. the brace is expected to reach the edge of the toenail. in case it is longer, use scissors to trim it to length. While you trim the length, make sure the bond isn’t stretched too much.

  • Second end bonding

When the brace is perfectly shaped, apply adhesive to the second end following the same procedure for the application on the first end. Then, place it on the toenail and press it down with one hand to make sure it cures perfectly without gaps underneath the brace. Hold in position with the opposite end of a cotton swab without any movement for at least 1 minute and then release.

  • Finishing

If there is any side of the brace that extends beyond the edges of the toenail, file until it perfectly fits. This takes care of the possibility of cloth snagging.

What you need

The Curve Correct ingrown toenail brace kit

  • Scissors
  • Cloth or paper towel
  • A comfortable sitting position

Positioning onycho Correct brace

  • For evenly curved toenail, position the brace centered front to back.
  • For unevenly curved toenail, place the brace over the area where your toenail is more evenly curved which is usually towards the back.
  • Leave room for future trimming when placing the toenail brace near the end of your toenail.

Benefits of Curve Correct

  • Painless
  • Cheaper
  • More convenient
  • No disfigurement
  • Simple and effective
  • Permanent cure
  • 90 days money-back guarantee: if after using curve correct for 90 days, it does not cure your curved nail problem, you can get all of your money back.

Can children use Curve Correct?

Using a standard brace for children will cause a lot of pain because it corrects the nail too quickly. For children, get .100 or .007 braces.

Can I still apply nail polish to my toenail?

Though all polish must be removed before application of toenail brace, you can apply polish over the strip after application.

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How do I remove the nail strip?

Nail polish remover or acetone can be used to remove the strip. Petroleum jelly also works fine but will take longer. For easier remover, you can file the strip in half.

How long does the ingrown toenail brace stay on?

On average, the adhesive will wear out between 3 to 6 weeks after which the brace will fall off. Apply another one once one drops off.

How long does the treatment take?

While each Curve Correct kit comes with 10 strips, only 2 treatments are often required. In chronic cases, the strip should be replaced every month. Within a few days of having this brace on, the pain will be significantly reduced. Within the first week, the pain will be totally gone and the nail will be less curved.

Is it safe?

Curve Correct ingrown toenail brace simply trains the nail to grow correctly hence is very is a common procedure advised by physicians and nail professionals.

Pricing and purchasing

Curve Correct toenail braces are available for sale on the official website as well as on Amazon. Each kit of Curve Correct costs about $45 and the more you buy the cheaper it gets.

Final thought

Curve Correct ingrown toenail brace is a simple but effective way of solving the problem of curved nails. Curve Correct treats ingrown toenails, curved toenails, incurvated toenails, curling toenails, and involuted toenails.

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