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Top 5 Best Nail Fungus Treatments Available On The Market

You do not have to live helplessly with ugly toenails caused by nail fungus. Thousands of people are so embarrassed by their toenails that they wear shoes or socks even around friends. They would do anything to have their nails back to normal but nail fungus can be very frustrating to deal with especially with the lack of proper knowledge. Failure to treat nail fungus infection as soon as possible exposes other nails and surrounding skin to the infection.

Qualities Of the Best nail fungus treatments

Some people even think it is not possible to totally cure this fungus infection and have a clear and healthy nail thereafter but it is very much possible. There are products with antifungal properties that effectively address the root cause of the infection hence a total cure. At the same time, some products just improve the appearance of the nail without really curing the infection.

Five of the best nail fungus treatment products are reviewed below stating their effectiveness, ingredients, benefits, side effects, price, and other necessary factors. Some of this information is as provided by the manufacturers while others are based on customer reviews. The aim is to help you find effective ways of solving the troublesome problem of nail fungus infection using some of the best nail fungus treatment products on the market today which guarantee a permanent cure to nail fungus infection.

A Review Of Top 5 Best Nail Fungus Treatment Products

  • EmoniNail

Another product which has made our list of top 5 best nail fungus treatment is EmoniNail is a product with very strong antifungal properties which makes it an effective solution for nail fungus. It is a topical solution for toenail fungus as well as fingernail fungus. EmoniNail penetrates deep into the nail plate where it kills any fungus residing in the nail bed. It works to effectively eliminate fungus from nails hence restoring a neat and healthy nail.

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emoninail reviews


FDA approval: EmoniNail contains ingredients that are approved by the FDA for nail fungus treatment which is why it is not a surprise it will make most people’s best nail fungus treatment list. It contains Undecylenic Acid which is a long time active and effective ingredient for nail fungus treatment.

Great Healing process: EmoniNail contains essential oils that are vital in the effective healing process of nail fungus.

Safe and natural: EmoniNail is a safe and natural option in the treatment of nail fungus.

Easy Application: EmoniNail comes with a topical brush which makes it very easy for users to apply the product to affected areas. Also, it doesn’t require a luxury of time or effort as the application is only required twice a day.

Guarantee: EmoniNail has a 60-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to get your money back should the treatment disappoint.

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Relatively expensive: EmoniNail is not the cheapest nail fungus treatment option especially when compared with similar products. But for us, Emoninail is the absolute best nail fungus treatment.


The three major ingredients in EmoniNail are Undecylenic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, and Sunflower Oil. Undecylenic Acid is a long time approved ingredient for effective fungus treatment. Sunflower Oil has fatty acids and Vitamins A, E, and D in abundance making it very useful in the treatment of nail fungus. The strong antifungal properties of Tea Tree Oil is what stands it out in nail fungus treatment.


Fewer Ingredients: Some nail fungus treatment options have in the range of 20 and above ingredients but EmoniNail uses a far fewer number of ingredients which makes some people prefer it to other products.

Side effects

Because of its completely natural ingredients, EmoniNail is a very safe treatment option. There are no known side effects hence you can use this product without any fear of damage to other parts of the body whether internally or externally. There are no customer complaints concerning any harm hence if 3want a natural product for nail fungus treatment, you can try EmoniNail.


Because EmoniNail is designed to work deep into the nail bed, it is imperative you prepare the affected nail. File and cut it to ensure the solution penetrates deep into the bed. Also, wash the infected area with warm water and dry thoroughly. Then you can apply EmoniNail. This process must be done before the application for effective and quick results.

Price and where to buy

EmoniNail can be purchased from the company’s official website as well as Amazon but is not yet available on websites like Walmart. A bottle costs about $53 US; three bottles go for $108 US. It is better to buy in bulk as you would not just be saving money but will also be better prepared for effective treatment because a single month of treatment is usually not sufficient.

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  • Emuaid

Emuaid is one of the best nail fungus treatment products on the market. It is an amazing and safe alternative to a lot of over-the-counter products used in the treatment of skin infections and particularly nails fungus treatment. It creates a super healing experience by combining the effectiveness of emu oil with the therapeutic effects of ingredients like tea tree oil and colloidal silver. It is a natural solution with far-reaching effectiveness in treating several issues including nail fungus.


Easy to use: As you would expect of any product that claims to be the best of one of the best nail fungus treatment, Emuaid is very easy to use. Prepare and wash your nail with warm water. Apply Emuaid to the affected area after thoroughly drying it. Apply a thin layer of Emuaid to the affected area for about four times per day.

Safe and reliable: Emuaid is very safe for usage by everyone including pregnant women and nursing mothers. It does not contain toxic fillers or chemical agents. There are also no artificial preservatives in Emuaid hence you don’t have to worry about after effect of its use.

Eradication from source: Emuaid works to kill the fungus infection from its source. The unsaturated fatty acids in it let it reach deep into the nail bed where the antifungal properties of the Tea Tree oil are unleashed to destroy the fungus root.

Guarantee: Emuaid has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fast Action: the official website says noticeable improvements can be achieved in 24 hours.


The three main ingredients in Emuaid are Tea Tree, Metallic silver, and Emu oil.

Tea Tree

This native Australian plant is loaded with anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial properties which makes it a key long-time ingredient in the treatment of nail fungus. Tea tree is the main ingredient in Emuaid that contributes to its nail fungus treatment. Tea tree is carried by emu oil deeper into the nail bed for effective work.

Emu oil

Emu oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids which are also present in the human skin. This similarity allows the oil to be easily absorbed into the nail bed where it can unleash its antifungal properties and heal the nail. This oil is far more effective than oils used in the treatment of nail fungus. Emu oil has amazing healing properties. It keeps the area moist hence allowing cells to heal quicker. This quick healing effect contributes largely to an eventual clear nail. The unsaturated fatty acids in emu oil help other ingredients to reach deeper in order to work effectively.

Side effects

emuaid before and after

Unlike other products that claim to be the best nail fungus treatment product, Emuaid largely has no reported critical side effects or harm. Tea tree which destroys the fungus does not do any damage to the human cell hence you can freely use this product without the fear of either internal or external damage. It is powerful and safe for all members of the family including children. Nevertheless, there are rare cases of reported itching. If it is a mild itching try to reduce the amount of Emuaid you apply at a time. If it’s intense itching, you should stop its usage.

How to prepare your nail for application

Clean and file the nail. In case of very thick nails, you should use long-handled nail clippers. Proceed to have a warm shower to wash the infected debris away. This helps prevent spreading and ensures maximum effectiveness.

Use a cotton ball to apply Emuaid to the affected area. Make sure it’s a thin layer and ensure your fingers don’t touch the infected areas because nail fungus spreads easily.

Caution: Don’t reduce the rate of application even when your nail starts healing.

Price and where to buy

Emuaid for nail fungus is available in 2 sizes – 0.5oz and 2oz. The prices are $25 and $58 respectively. They are available for sale on the official website as well as Amazon.

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  • Kerasal Review

Kerasal is also one of the best nail fungus treatment product on the market. Kerasal is fast-acting nail treatment which improves the appearance of the nail within a week of usage. This clear, odorless, and colorless liquid penetrates the infected nail and works to facilitate the nail’s improvement. This topical solution is designed to minimize nail discoloration, decrease the thickness, and aid the growth of a new healthy nail. Kerasal is regarded by many as one of the best nail fungus treatment product there is.


Visible results in a short time: a key benefit that has made kerasal reckoned as one of the best nail fungus treatment products and one of the most popular is its ability to deliver very noticeable improvements within a very short period. Research by the manufacturers shows a noticeable improvement in nail thickness and the emergence of new healthy after just one week of usage, this has been confirmed by many users of the product as well.

Easy application: kerasal has an easy-to-use silicon tip applicator. This applicator appears to be the easiest mode of application amidst all nail fungus treatment products.

Safe: Kerasal is safe for usage by almost anybody. There is no preservative in it. The product is marked safe by FDA.

Odorless: unlike many other fungal treatment products, kerasal is odorless.

Nighttime usage: because kerasal doesn’t stain your bedding or clothing, it is perfect for night time usage hence you don’t have to worry about it during the day.


The ingredients used include glycerin, urea, disodium EDTA, propylene glycol, lactic acid, and sodium hydroxide. Urea which is the active ingredient in this composition is an excellent nail softener. Lactic acid is another key ingredient in this composition. It reduces the pH around the infected nail hence inhibiting further growth of fungus. The remaining ingredients mainly serve the purpose of nail strengthening.


Careful examination of this nail fungus treatment product ingredients shows there are no active ingredients for curing and prevention of fungal infections. This fact is also stated on the packaging. Hence what kerasal does is just to improve the appearance of the infected nail. It does not take care of the source of the problem.


This nail fungal treatment is to be applied just before going to bed. Apply it to the infected nail using the applicator that comes with the package. Apply a thin layer on the entire nail bed and reach under the nail edge too in order to get a more effective result. Give it a few minutes to dry before going to bed.

Note: you can use this product with other products that cure fungal nail infections. This way you the improved appearance can be retained since the root cause is also being dealt with.

Side effects

Kerasal is declared safe for usage by the FDA and usually does not cause allergies which is one of the many reasons Kerasal is considered by many to be one of the best nail fungus treatments there is.

This product is for external use. Contact with eyes and mucous membranes should be avoided

Price and where to buy

Kerasal is available on the official website and can be easily purchased from Amazon as well. It is not available on websites like Walmart. You can get kerasal for as low as $15 on Amazon especially at discounted prices.

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  • Funginix
Funginix - the best nail fungus treatment

No best nail fungus treatment review article is complete without the mention of Funginix. Funginix is one of the highest-rated over-the-counter (OTC) products as far as the treatment of nail fungus is concerned. It is a topical solution that has been found effective in the treatment of all kinds of nail fungus most and this is because it is loaded with antifungal ingredients. It contains herbal oils, extracts, and 10% Undecylenic Acid.


Funginix completely eradicates the fungus: Most of the nail fungus treatments available do not actually kill the fungus, they only hinder the infection for some time. But since the fungus isn’t dead, it will return. This is a key reason why many think nail fungi can’t be permanently treated but with Funginix, your toenails will return to their clear and healthy state without any fear of relapse hence it is regarded by many as one of the best nail fungus treatments there is.

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Cure Toenail Fungus

Safe and Reliable: the entirety of this product is natural and it is approved by the FDA. With Funginix, as typical of natural products, you do not have to worry about adverse effects. You feel safe and can surely expect results in a short time. Unlike some products which have been found to harm organs in the body, Funginix is a topical solution hence totally safe.

Very simple to use: Funginix comes with an applicator brush which allows you to easily treat the affected areas.

High success rates: nail fungus can indeed be troublesome but Funginix has recorded one of the highest success rates in its treatment.

Fast action: many users say they started seeing results within two weeks of usage. It would usually take a longer period in severe cases but the result is sure.

Fairly affordable: when compared with products that offer its level of results, Funginix is fairly affordable. It is even far better when compared with options such as surgery. There are also amazing discount coupons online.

Guarantee: Just as is the case with most of the best nail fungus treatment products on the market, anytime you purchase Funginix, you have a 60 days money-back guarantee.


Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is a major ingredient most of the best nail fungus treatments contain. The antiseptic and fungicide properties in this oil makes it highly effective for the treatment of nail fungus.

Vitamin E: This is a very important ingredient in the treatment of nail fungus. Its strong antioxidant features make it very effective in treating nail fungus. It also makes the process of healing faster.

Camphor: Camphor is another common ingredient in the treatment of nail fungus and one that any product claiming to be the best nail fungus treatment must contain. It works best in combination with Menthol. Funginix combines both to deliver great nail fungus treatment.

Sweet Amond Oil: this ingredient is used extensively in the treatment of skin and inflammatory conditions because it is rich in fatty acids as well as Vitamin A, B, and E.

Other ingredients include Rose Hip Flower Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Juice, Lavender Oil, Propolis extract, Jasmine oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Clove Flower Oil, and many more.

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Side Effects

Funginix is totally natural hence making it totally safe for nail fungus treatment. It is highly unlikely to cause any side effects. According to the manufacturer, it is safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and people on other prescriptions.

Price and where to buy Funginix

Funginix is available for sale on the company’s official website. About USD50 will take care of monthly treatment but you can get a reduced price when purchasing advanced packages. Funginix is not available on websites such as Walmart as well as in local stores.

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Cure Toenail Fungus

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  • Naturasil

Another product that has made our list of best nail fungus treatment review is Naturasil. Naturasil is a product of homeopathic treatments for nail fungus. It combines several essential oils with antifungal and antibacterial properties to cure nail fungus infections.


Relief of fungal nail infection: Naturasil effectively cures the nail of fungal infection hence returning it to a clear and healthy state. It is no surprise it is considered one of the best nail fungus treatment products on the market.

Deep penetration:Naturasil absorbs deeply into skin and nail hence treating deep-rooted fungal problems.

Fast Action: noticeable improvements can be observed within two weeks of usage although the manufacturer emphasized that the result may differ depending on the level of infection and other factors.

Safe: Naturasil is 100% plant extract hence making it one of the safest fungal infection treatments. There are also no harsh internal chemicals.

Affordable: When compared with similar products, Naturasil is cheaper despite its effectiveness. It is even far better when compared with other options like drug treatments which are in fact not as safe as Naturasil.

Easy to use: an application brush comes with Naturasil which makes it easy to use without exposing your fingernails to infection during application.

Guarantee: Naturasil products have 90 days money-back guarantee. If after at least 30 days of usage, you do not notice any improvement, you can return both opened and unopened items to get your money back except for the shipping fee.


Jojoba Seed Oil: has high antifungal properties which help to cure nail fungal infections.

ThujaOccidentalis 6X HPUS: relieves brittle and discovered nails hence improving the appearance of the nail.

Lavender oil: it is a pain reliever and is also an effective antiseptic.

Cymbopogon Citratus Leaf Oil: serves antibacterial and anti-inflammatory purposes.

Eucalyptus Leaf Oil: analgesic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory component.

Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil: this is an effective antifungal and antibacterial agent.


Use the applicator brush to apply Naturasil to the affected areas. Ensure you apply the solution under the nail as much as possible. Use this solution three times daily until fungus is totally dealt with. In some cases, you should start seeing results and the healing process can last months.

Side effects

Naturasil is composed of plant extracts hence it is very safe for usage by all age groups. The manufacturer, however, noted that a burning sensation could be felt following application which they said is absolutely normal. Nevertheless, some users have shown concerns about the burning with many saying it could be a sign of allergic reaction. This product must be kept out of the reach of children.

Because nail problems can be indicative of underlying health issues, consult your doctor before using Naturasil. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are also advised to consult their doctors before using this product. This product is for external usage hence should not be used near the eyes, mouth, or mucous membranes. Although the manufacturer did not state what happens in case of accidental contact with these regions, you should contact your doctor immediately. You can also quickly wash it with warm water.

Price and where to get it

One bottle of Naturasil costs about $30 including shipping. Since a bottle is expected to cover a month, you will usually need several bottles since total healing can take a few months. Hence total treatment could cost more than $100.

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There you have it, these five products are the products we believe are the top 5 best nail fungus treatment products on the market today.